No More Indoor!!!

To be honest with you 3 weeks has flown by and I actually don’t have all that much to write about…shocker right?! After those horrendous exams we all had to go through the further purgatory of picking our modules for this semester; which involved us going to numerous things that we gave up with to play on various tablets and other electronic devices. We even walked to a different campus to try one out only to decide before going in that the masters subject of foreign affairs was not for us (though it may have had something to do with the fact that the walk was not worth the time it took and due to a tiny underestimating of the time it would take, the lecture had started without us). However some did make the cut and finally we all got that sorted.

The main news I have is that the indoor hockey season for the Tuquettes ended on Sunday. After a pretty successful season, we’re exchanging the humidity and push passing for some good old wind, rain and proper hitting…Thank God! Team talkAs much as I like to watch indoor hockey and participate occasionally, I have come to realise that playing it on a regular basis is not for me. Anyone who knows about my temper can only imagine what it’s like with the heat turned up a fair few degrees in a sticky sweaty hall; to sum it up…Not pleasant. That is not to say that I haven’t enjoyed it at all however; we had a fantastic time in Lyon for the 3rd Round of the National 1 Tournament! TuquettesA win, a walkover and a draw with the team standing 2nd in the league is not a bad set of results and of course we all had a laugh on the 4 hour each way train journey and running around Lyon in our free time. I even met up with my friend Tanita from Bangor which was awesome! We did however, miss out on getting into the final for numerous reasons but on the bright side, that does mean one less long journey for the girls and we went out on a high so I don’t think anyone could have complained all that much.Tuquette's Toast

Sunday saw some hard matches played and although we did lose both games against SA Mérignac it was evident that both of our teams fought hard and we did ourselves proud.TUC PyramidLast Indoor Comp.












Speaking of being proud, I felt a warm fuzzy feeling inside after I completed my NeckNomination a few days ago; not with a pint but with 2 cups of hot chocolate. SDFs (homeless people) in France are more numerous than you may think and I decided that I would befriend one and do something nice for her. I’m happy to say that she was very appreciative of a warm drink and I daresay the company too. It was apparently her lucky day as not more than 5 hours earlier, George had gone out and bought the same woman lunch! If anyone has been nominated to down a pint of grim juice then I strongly urge you to do as I did and turn it into something positive. I guarantee you’ll feel so much better for it!

To go with the stories of success, I am also ecstatic to report that my boyfriend Jack has been given (and has accepted) the opportunity to do his masters project in the Seychelles during part of the summer…Lucky Sod! He’ll come back all tanned and with pictures of him on a beautiful Island with beautiful animals when as of yet, I shall be vegging on the sofa gaining nothing but old age and a large backside…what a wonderful thought. At least I did get to celebrate with him though. A week in Reading wasn’t long but it was enough to go out for a nice meal and enjoy the wonderful weather…haha yeah right it was pouring the majority of the time!

That’s one thing I’ve got over most of my friends and family for the moment at least…SUN!

On that note I think I shall go out and soak up some rays.

Until next time!


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