Élément Choc

I can’t believe that’s a whole semester over already! I’ve been here for 113 days (just under 4 months) and looking back, it’s flown! I promised this blog would be shorter and it will be; I just wanted to share with you the final stages and giggles of semester 1 including French soirées, musicals, tournaments and even our first exam!

First of all, I have been keeping these pictures safe for when I wrote this and I think it’s about time that they were shared. The Erasmus team organised a night out for everyone under the theme ‘élément choc’; pretty self-explanatory, you dress up nicely and you have one item of clothing/accessory that is a bit unusual or shocking. Unfortunately due to prior commitments and time constraints I could not attend this event however this did not mean I was about to miss out on all the fun…shopping for that ever important shock element! The following images depict a rather amusing shopping spree with Rebecca and Georgina and finally the lovely Miss Annabel McKane modelling one of our hockey club’s ‘slim-fit’ shall we say, bibs:Shock Shopping!Georgina - HairbandRebecca - Pink WigAnnabel - Bib

To continue with the French entertainment, myself, Rebecca and her friend Alice went to see Mamma Mia! I LOVE this musical and even completely in French (yes songs too!) it is an absolutely fabulous show! The highlight of course had to be some old man a few seats down from us singing along…to everything…without knowing the words…out of time and out of tune…great. Evil glares did not work and sadly nobody closer to him gave him the swift dig in the ribs that he deserved. I mean, I appreciate that he was enjoying the show but COME ON!!! Mamma Mia!Fortunately this didn’t ruin the spectacle and actually started to cause uncontrollable laughter from a surrounding group of people when the man’s wife decided to make it a hideous duet with her out of sync clapping…how is that even possible?! There is a beat…clap…on…the…beat!

Of course, it wasn’t all fun and games in the final run up to the end of term (much to our dismay); we had an exam to revise for. Yay! Just to clarify, I find revising hard enough to motivate myself for at the best of times, let alone when the exam in question does not count for anything except maybe pride…and let’s be honest, I lose most of my dignity when I go on a night out anyway so not a major catastrophe there to be honest.

Photo by Rebecca Jones

Photo by Rebecca Jones

Buuuuuuttt I was convinced by my more scholarly and sophisticated peers to knuckle down at least a bit. I’m happy to report that actually I didn’t think it went too badly, I don’t think I passed but I did for all intents and purposes, manage to answer most of the questions I was asked to some degree…to what avail I have no idea as we have yet to be given our results but hey, I tried. The best part of the day though had to be our celebratory meal…YUM! Well-deserved I’d say.

In a bid to pre-establish the fitness levels before gorging myself on mince pies and whatnot I participated in 2 hockey tournaments the last 2 weekends. Indoor hockey isn’t really what I’d class as my particular speciality but I gave it a go…even had my own small fan club for a couple of matches for the L’Isle Jourdain tournament! Isle de Jourdain - Tuc 1 et 2Yeeeaahh was fun but diving about so much indoor can be rather painful as I found out the next day when I was reduced to nothing more than a crippled being with extremely limited movement, sad times I know. So it goes without saying that I was happy to be playing out for the tournament at Orléans, especially after a ridiculously long journey involving numerous sleeping positions and various stretches to make sure I didn’t face-plant my way out of the minibus when we got to our destination after about 5 ½ hours.

Some people should really learn the difference when putting signs on tables!!!

Some people should really learn the difference when putting signs on tables!!!

A weekend full of good hockey and a lot of laughter is what was had though so there are no complaints here.

To pass my final few days I’ve done an epic amount of shopping at the beautiful Christmas Market in Capitole, enjoyed some lovely mulled wine and randomly…saw a couple of Sumos on the metro (stay classy Toulouse)!Sumo

Now all that’s left to report is that I have had a brilliant first semester, roll on semester 2!

Photo by Rebecca Jones

Photo by Rebecca Jones

Joyeux Noël et à l’année prochaine !!!


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