Une Vie Normale?!

Well, I feel quite depressed to admit that nothing of massive interest or grand excitement has happened over the past 2 weeks. This could potentially mean I am getting old and therefore boring…oh the joys of my life. However, I will not let my ship of life sink without a fight so I shall endeavour to give you people something entertaining to read so that you are at least under the impression that I am making the most of my time here.

Ok no I may have lied slightly; I literally just remembered that although most of my lectures are relatively tedious and boring…

Homeless Man in EU

one of my EU ones was made considerably more amusing by the ‘SDF’ or in other words homeless man who came to talk to us. At first we thought…no, this cannot be the man we’ve heard about; as George said, without meaning any offense of course: ‘he looked a little too well dressed’. But it was, the man, the myth, the legend. Apparently this is a normal occurrence; he walks into the hall, waves at everyone and then proceeds to march up to the front, stand next to the lecturer and take over for a bit. I have heard tell that some lecturers find this somewhat creepy and so run away…understandable I guess; however our lecturer stood aside and let him say his bit and even allowed him to kiss her cheek. After this cheeky bit of action he went and sat down to listen to the rest of our lecture…I suppose you can’t blame the guy making a name for himself and getting snippets of a university education in the process. I couldn’t help but wonder if Bangor would be so accommodating? It was an amusing thought and discussion with the other Bangorites as to what the reactions of certain lecturers at home would be and how they would handle a similar situation.

(For example, those Bangor Law students reading this, picture a random homeless man walking into Gwilym’s lecture, then compare the outcome you reach to that of the same scenario but it’s John Alder’s  lecture. I personally would love to see Gwilym, Chaynee or Anne McLaren deal with it!)

Be proud of me people, I had a tee-total night at the Cardiff Flat! Well ok I didn’t actually go out but I went to socialise and had a hell of a lot of fun playing ring of fire with no dire consequences on my part…apart from nearly having to kiss Gethin’s feet…but it was quickly converted to cheek after Helen realised the severity of my hatred/genuine fear; all in all a good night as always. To be followed up of course the week after at a ‘french kissing party’ I’ll be quick to state that I didn’t take part in this, I chose to pay for my shots but it was a good night…hot nightclub and lots of drunk people…highlight of the night had to be almost getting puked on whilst riding the night bus home…seriously some people have no sense of dignity! Because of course I can say that without an ounce of hypocrisy…

Photo by Gethin Bennett

Photo by Gethin Bennett

Now, I am supremely pleased to report that the Tuquettes won our competition game yesterday! 4-2 away against SA Mérignac. Proof right there that all of our fitness sessions and whatnot are paying off. Lucie was on fire in goal, Patricia and Annabel did the ‘etrangères’ proud by scoring all the goals and I enjoyed a long run around on pitch… even more so when Axel said that people could ask me to swap positions with them if they needed a bit of a break. Why I chose to put my all into the fitness tests is a mystery to me…I nearly died! Needless to say, we were all ecstatic with the result and celebrated accordingly…crashed out almost instantly on the bus home and woke up to the sight of this:



For those who can’t tell…it’s the petrol hose being passed through the window so it’d reach…interesting French happenings.

Also, thought I’d mention and give due praise to this shop on Place Capitole (I can’t remember it’s name) for making the most insanely awesome chocolate sculptures and selling them at a surprisingly decent price for what they are! Thorntons eat your heart out!Halloween

That’s about all I can report for now. I’ll try to find some more adventures for a more interesting post next time.

À la prochaine!


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