Plus en Plus de Papier!

First of all, I would like to announce that you can all enjoy slightly shorter posts now as I am caught up with my blogging! This will be the last post in such quick succession and although my next one will be at the weekend, it will relay the most recent two weeks gone by.

As I’m sure you can guess by the title…I am beyond fed up with the amount of paperwork in this country! Where at home in the UK most applications and forms for various things are set up and completed online, France is somewhat backward to say the least in that everything involves a pen and paper! Nothing is simple and the most surprising fact is that nobody seems to think the system needs changing apart from the students, yes even the French ones! Surely that should start ringing alarm bells somewhere? My mum told me before I left that I wouldn’t have to worry about doing, obtaining or finding certain things because it wasn’t as though I was going to a third world country but at least if I had been going somewhere a bit less fortunate in terms of technology and standards I would have expected difficulty…instead I expected simplicity and have in fact been met with walls and unhelpful bureaucrats at every turn! I’m used to a working environment where people will bend over backwards in the name of customer service so being told flatly and consistently ‘non, je peux faire rien, c’est pas ma responsabilité’ in other words ‘I can do nothing, it isn’t my job’ without so much as a sorry was most infuriating. Needless to say I was ecstatic when I thought I’d completed all of my paperwork…until I had an email full of hockey documents…I swear I nearly burst into tears! However these seemed a little more straightforward thankfully. True it took me and Annabel 2 hours and 23€ each to find a doctor so that we could get a medical examination done to deem us fit for sport but it’s finished at last and I couldn’t be happier.


Photo by Emily Donnan Courtade

On a more positive note, after all that stress I enjoyed a night out with the Erasmus group at a Jazz concert which was pretty awesome.

Photo by Emily Donnan Courtade

Photo by Emily Donnan Courtade

It’s not my usual style of music but I loved it! So easy to sit and just listen to a band with your friends and not forgetting the social drink or two. I met Gethin’s friend from home and proceeded to increase my knowledge of Welsh speaking…I will learn at least basic conversation skills…I am determined! As Rebecca said a few weeks ago, if I don’t go home speaking French I shall go home speaking Welsh. I’ll let you know how that turns out. The next night out I had was supposed to be for an Erasmus Buddy night however the bar was a bit on the small side so that didn’t go so well, I spilled more drink than I consumed as I couldn’t move without bumping into someone and then the inevitable happened…I never usually wear my glasses out…the one time I do…they get knocked off my face and trodden on before I can pick them up…sod’s law! So a life of contacts for me until Christmas it is then… At least it was a good night out.

So there you have my first (and hopefully last) ‘rant’, and here are my first Welsh words to sign off:

Diolch yn fawr am ddarllen!

(Thanks Rebecca!)


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